"Ken Sarna and The Millennium Consulting Group are so knowledgeable and professional, I cannot say enough good things about them. When I realized I had to short sell my home I contacted an attorney to handle the process. Unfortunately, after several months time, very little had been done to come to a resolution that both the bank and I could live with. They wanted a total of $30,000 combined with cash and a promissory note from me. My realtor and I decided to seek another avenue for my short sale transaction. This was the best decision I ever made. Ken Sarna and his team were able to reduce my costs to close significantly to a $2,500 cash contribution. The original attorneys handling my file were not able or willing to negotiate acceptable terms.

I have referred several clients to Millennium consulting group because I want my friends to have the same outstanding results I had."

– Mr. and Mrs. Kim
Las Vegas Residents (Nevada)

Getting Started

If you have made the decision that getting rid of your property makes the most financial sense long term please fill out our Short sale packet and lets get started towards that goal.

For Package Submissions:

All homeowners and agents please submit complete Short Sale Packages to: intake@mcgnv.com

Please note: These packets are in a PDF format. If you need software to open and read PDFs you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here for free.

Pre Consultation Form

When a homeowner feels that getting out of a negative equity property is the goal they need to have reasonable expectations based on their predicament. In order for us to review the specifics of each situation and give accurate advice we will need to go through certain financial documents. Below is our pre-consultation form which list the documents we would need to review. Once you complete the form and have everything together please email our office at intake@mcgnv.com or call us at 702-358-0088 to set up a consultation.